NutriBoost 1

    NutriBoost1 helps improve germination and helps build strong seedlings. Use NutriBoost1 to revive plants under stress due to over or under watering or just prior to or after pruning.

    A robust plant is able to maintain a natural internal balance throughout all stages of growth, while a stressed plant’s ability may become impaired or lost. NutriBoost1 is designed to provide a helpful boost for plants that have experienced stressed conditions such as temperature, harvest, pruning, high salinity and drought. NutriBoost 1 contains seaweed, a source of potassium which aids the beneficial microbes in the soil. Potassium may also play a major role in the regulation of enzymes. NutriBoost1 can help promote new growth and revitalize roots so the plant can regain its vigor.


    Mixing Directions:

    New Cuttings of Seedlings: 2mL per 1L water

    Hydroponic & Water Culture: 1mL per 1L water

    Indoor, Tropical, Exotics, Vegetable & Row Crops, Shrubs & Trees: 1mL per 1L water

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